Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Look but don't touch - yeah right....

Most women don't understand why men go to strip clubs, pole dancing clubs or pay for a lap dance - I can honestly say I am not one of them. I have frequented many a strip club in my time & can completely see the attraction (to watch male strippers only of course!). I even ensured there was a stripper booked for my 21st birthday; I couldn't wait to see if I might get a surprise, it needed to be guaranteed.
Yes this is me in there somewhere
It all started when I was 15 & my friend’s aunt owned a pub down the road, she needed to collect something & I accompanied her, to my delight. It was only around 7:30pm but we walked right into some woman’s birthday bash complete with stripper (that was my first taster of what opened my eyes to the beauty of the male naked body). My eyes widened as he stood in front of me completely stark bollock naked, squirting baby lotion so it ran all down his body. Till it got to his cock & he flick it (without using his hands) & it went all in my face! I had never laughed so much in my life, partly with excitement & a little embarrassed.

Now when men visit strip clubs they have a no touch policy (unless they go to a sleazy back street joint & get asked if they want extras in a back room!) they can look & have the girls dance all over them but they are not allowed to touch. For some reason this is not the same for us ladies, as I found out when I ventured to a ladies night at Legs 11. I went with two of my friends, both of which had never been before, which I found this out when I chose to sit right at the foot of the stage to their horror. It was my birthday so my friend asked the dj if I could go on stage; YES PLEASE :o)
The best birthday present I could have asked for – getting strapped into a chair before the lights went down. As Black Stallion & Trojan came out in tiny shorts & pants I screamed so loud I think they must have heard me in China. In fact my excitement was so much that the straps broke on the chair & my hands were free to have a good old roam (I only rubbed theirs chests, legs & bums as hey they may have girlfriends/wives so I respected their privates). That particular treat cost me my voice, for a whole week to be exact!

You don’t have to go out though to enjoy the male naked form, treat yourself & get your man to dress up. I mean who wouldn't get turned on by seeing their bloke dressed as an officer all in white or better still a police man, that way he gets accessories as well to assist (cuffs, truncheon the possibilities are endless). I got my man a workman’s belt & it wasn't to help him do the DIY :o)
As for strip clubs, you should not judge it (without trying it); pole dancing is a skill you know. If you want to have a go you can get lessons, hell you can even buy the pole to erect in the bedroom (excuse the pun). See if there is a ladies night coming soon in your area, I promise you will have the time of your life; it really is a great girly night out. If you’re not in luck then visit Ann (Summers of course) she has some outfits to assist you with your own private dancer :o)

Merry Christmas :o)
***All outfits featured in the post are from Ann Summers, just click on the link at the top of the blog. Currently Ann is giving you 20% off for Christmas, that’s nice of her. Oh & the other photo is of course me smothered by two beautiful men on a ladies night****

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