Monday, 19 November 2012

Grab some keys, you've pulled

Call me old fashioned but I thought when you get married its for keeps, for better or worse & all that. I mean by the time you say I do surly you know that the person is right for you & you want to spend the rest of your life with them. When you place that ring on your finger you are leaving behind anything & anyone that you use to do when you were single.
Clearly people have other ideas....There are these things called "key parties" or to the average person like us "swingers parties"!! Basically what happens is couples attend a party & at the beginning of the night the men place all their car keys in a fruit bowl then at the end of the night the women are blind folded, put their hands in the bowl & pick out a bunch of keys. Whoever's keys they pick out that is who they go home with for a night of sex!! (I'm taking it that it is just bad luck if you pick out your own husband?!).

Not sure about everyone but my mother raised me to be polite, however I don't do sharing!! Call me boring but this is a bit of a dangerous game to play. I mean what if your husband ends up in bed with some hot stunner who he falls for & ends up leaving you for her - your screwed literally. Or what if you end up with the "Mr Bean" of the group who has no idea what he is doing in the bedroom & you are left disappointed, I mean its not like you can get a refund.

This is a big thing that goes on, all you have to do is type into google swingers parties & your away - there are all different kinds from fancy dress right through to age limits (i.e if you want one just full of grannys then hey your luck is in). Clearly you have to pay to become a member, whether this is a one off fee or you then have additional costs of paying to attend these parties i'm not sure but the only thing I can think of as I read more about these events is WHY?!!

I mean if your other half is shit in bed then either make the time to train him to how you like it or leave him for someone who presses all your buttons, don't just go to a party have it away with someone else then go home the next day like nothing happened. What happens at the breakfast table; do you exchange notes with your partner about their extra curriculum activites or do you pretend like nothing happened? Either way I certainly couldn't then carry on my life never mind slide between the sheets with someone knowing full well that he has been pleasuring some random.
In order to enjoy these sort of things you have to be single surely then no one will get hurt & feelings aren't involved.
There is a saying why would a man go & get a burger when he has steak at home - which is very true. However variety is the spice of life & we need to bare that in mind. So instead of tempting fate treat your man to a different meal every night, don't let him go out & get a burger give him one at home - hell give him the lot steak, burger, pork, chicken (maybe not sausage - if you get my drift).
Oh & if you ever go to a dinner party & are asked to put your car keys in a fruit bowl I would make your excuses & leave.

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