Friday, 23 November 2012

Who needs a man....

Some women will say that men are only good for one thing - sex, but do we really even need them for that? We have such a variety of toys out there to chose from to satisfy us & lets be honest we know exactly which of our own buttons to press so this satisfaction is guaranteed (plus you won't have to return the favour).
Any woman that say they haven't pleasured themselves are liers, we all have to explore the black hole at some point. Either whether you've gone solo or with a partner everyone has done it & I won't believe anyone that says they haven't - after all women have needs to you know!
Even I admit that some of these toys can look like scary contraptions (not that I've tried them all but I've seen a few in my time) however some are made to look quite realistic, they even come complete with names & veins!! But fear not there is one out there to suit all, whether your a clit simulator or need something to venture inside there is one with your name on; you just need to find which one fits (excuse the pun). Then again if your greedy & want it all then you can get some all singing all dancing toys :o)
The main ones for us women are vibrators & dildo's - only difference is one does most of the work for you & the other one is basically manual handling/do it all yourself.
One of the best EVER is the Rampant Rabbit. Don't be put off by the name cause this certainly isn't no cute, fluffy bunny - this is multiple orgasms at your finger tips that you control. It has around 7 different speeds & vibrations. This is a having your cake & eating it toy, you can use it as a dildo & insert it. Inside the cock shaped part there are little balls that turn around as well as the head of the cock rotating. Now this may sound painful but remember you have complete control, not only on how far you want it to go in but how fast it goes as there are easy accessible buttons at the base (hell why don't they make cocks like this & give men buttons instead of balls??!!). If your not feeling this then it also has two bits that stick out that look like bunny ears (hence the name) that vibrate on the clit. These go at different speeds again that you control by the buttons but for god sake don't whack it straight into the fastest setting as you may actually break your vagina - you need to ease her in gently.
Now if your a bit shy or want to start small then I suggest you try the bullet vibrator - much smaller in size but just as satisfying, hell you can even take it to your man's house in your handbag without worrying its poking out the zip. This is more of a clit pleaser then anything however is great for sharing. By this I obviously don't mean passing it round your mates, I mean between the sheets with your other half. If he has you in the doggy position & takes you from behind you can hold this  on your clit for that extra kick, it will have you dripping in minutes (if not seconds).

So as you see women as lovers are not greedy like men, we can share our toys & play nicely together but I can't say the same for theirs, I mean how can we join in with a fleshlight!! So whether your single, dating or married why not take a toy to bed - go on try it you never know you just might like it :o)

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