Tuesday, 20 November 2012

What do they say about you....??

When I get dressed in the morning I wear something that is suitable to my mood & the weather of course, this extends all the way down to my underwear. When I go out & see how some people dress I often think clearly they didn't have the same thing in mind!
For example its freezing outside at the moment & whilst yes love you are wearing leggings not quite sure how you think they are gonna keep you warm the fact that they are see through. Besides that I can see your whole arse (not the actual hole of course) & you are clearly wearing NO underwear - WHY, why would you leave the house in broad day light dressed like that?? You could of at least got a cheese wire G string & made some effort.

I mean its not like there is no chose out there, variety is everywhere & most definitely the spice of life in this case. I'm not saying OMG its cold so you must get your biggest ever Bridget Jones' out but goodness don't these girls feel a chill on the cheeks.

There are all types of knickers for all types of occasions so I don't feel there is any need to go commando these days. Hell even if you wanna go out with your man for spontaneous sex there are even crotchless pants so he doesn't even have to go to the effort of sliding them to one side, he can just bend you over & away you go.
There are G strings & thongs to just cover the front enough to leave what is underneath to the imagination (unless you haven't waxed!!). French knickers to add a bit of sophistication but be sexy at the same time (personally a fav of mine). Shorts which I would say are mainly for comfort & relaxing in, unless you wear them under one of his office shirts - could get the pulse racing. The good old fashioned brief which isn't quite as big as Bridgets but again are for comfort or for when that monthly un-wanted visitor pays a visit. Finally there is the big old control high brief, something that does look like it will pop your ribs but does what it says on the tin - sucks it all in & from personal experience they do work (could still do with sucking even more in but hey some is better than none).

So girls quiet why some of you feel the need to leave your house without putting on your underwear, especially in winter is a mystery cause lets face it its really NOT a good look :o)

****All knickers featured in this post can be found by visiting my mate Ann (Summers of course) - links found at the top of the blog****

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