Saturday, 3 November 2012

Anything goes......Really??!!

So I was sitting in my pj's with a diet coke (as you do) having a catch up, gossipping & putting the world to rights - which is what us women do best, when my friend asks have I ever tried an anything goes sex night? Er no love do explain (I know it sounds obvious but I wanna check we are talking about the same thing). Basically you get in a loada booze & then you & your man have a night of sex where as the clue is in the title anything goes - he says what he wants you to do & visa versa.

Now on the surface of it this sounds like fun, adventurous & definitely I am up for trying new things however surely there needs to be rules here. I mean what if your man pulls out a strap on, bends over & says "there you go love, now its your turn to bang away" NO THANK YOU!!
Not to mention if he says that he has invited someone else to join in as after all you did tell him anything goes so he thought what the hell why not.

I did discuss this with my better half as I wondered what he thought, as a typical man his reply was "can I invite a couple of other women" which proves my theory on the second point above! The look of death I shot him made him give a nervous laugh which put pay to that idea. However he did say it sounded like fun (even though there is not that much really left to try) & that I would probably get him dressed up & stripping for me HELL YEAH :o)
When I said to him that there would have to be rules he said that goes without saying & if one of us said something the other person didn't like or one of us felt uncomfortable in a situation we would need a code word, like (wait for it) banana, banana, banana!! Now I agree with the whole code word thing but shouting out banana 3 times when your in mid flow is bound to kill the mood without a shadow of a doubt.

Also while I sit here writing mulling over trying this concept, I'm thinking what if the first person gets their fantasy then falls asleep, due to there being alcohol (praying there would be no sick involved) where does that leave the other?! Dry obviously & very turned off but does that mean they have to wait till you have another anything goes night?? Someone might go without somewhere along the way.
Now I don't mean to put a dampner on the idea I'm just thinking of all scenario's & the more I sit & think about it the more its putting me off to be honest.

I can't speak for everyone but I certainly don't need drink or have a pre planned date to dress up for my man or try something new, if one of us wants to give something a go we do - go us. But if you are liking the thought of this idea then go forth & give it a go, just remember there has to be rules & don't forget the all important code word - banana's.

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