Monday, 5 November 2012

The token gesture

So I was in a changing room in a high street store (not mentioning names but no its not Primarni!!) when I hear two gaggling girls from the cubical next to me, conversation goes -
Girl one "Never guess what Mark did yesterday"
Girl two "No whats that, was it something cute?"
Girl one "He only went & had my name tattooed on his arm, how cute is that"
Girl two "OMG I wish someone would do something like that for me, does it look the bomb"
Girl one "Defo the bomb, is it written in Hebrew. He is so gonna get it tonight, especially when he see's me in this outfit"

Now I ain't a mind reader & I didn't even see these girls but I'm guessing that neither her, her boyfriend or anyone they know speaks or understands Hebrew!! Talk about easily pleased, come on girls we are worth more than that. Lets face it, he got it in Hebrew so that if you break up he can tell the next girl its his mums name or his pet budgie....Besides if he went to the trouble of having his body inked FOR LIFE just to get a blow job then more fool him.
He probably spun her the line that it looks better in Hebrew rather than English - well I hope he did his research cause for all he knows it says "I'm a twat" in Hebrew, how would he know?! In fact if I was a tattooist I would do something like that on purpose hahahaha.

At least Steveo from Jack Ass has "your name" tattooed on his arse, least that why when he says to a girl I got your name tattooed on my arse as a chat up line he isn't lying.

If any man offered or suggested he get a tattoo with my name on as a declaration of love/commitment however you want to put it then it would be in English - out there loud & proud for all to read.
After all a tattoo is for life not just for a blow job :o)

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