Thursday, 1 November 2012

Hip hop had the answer all along....

There are some people you know, be it men or women, that I bet you look at & think god I bet they are a boring in bed - unfortunately some people just have that sort of personality (or lack of) that makes you think that. I do all the time, in fact I have often laughed with my beter half about this very subject. We often say things like "I bet she is so boring in bed she reads a book while he is fucking her" or "She probably says to her husband just get on with it if your gonna do it!"
Very judgemental I know but hey don't we all stereo type people or judge them at some point (& don't say you don't cause we all do but most of you just keep it to yourself).

One thing I can tell you for definate is the people you look at & think they are boring in bed or don't have sex you are WRONG!! They are the ones that are the rudest & most adventurous when in comes to between the sheet activites - they just don't broadcast it.
Even the prudest of people are the rudest, its all a front. They are at it all - different positions, anal, role play, rimming the lot.

Now I am definately one for returning favours when it comes to sex & certainly don't shy away from trying something new, however there are some things I believe women should definately recieve & NOT give. Like rimming for example (being as I mentioned it) - you may have heard it being called a number of things,like a chocolate star fish (which is my favourite). Now I have personally recieved this, by mistake I might add, however I thought it felt great in fact don't mind if I do accept it every now & again. Call me selfish but I am not returning that favour....the hairy black hole no thank you.
I do know people that do this (on a regular to their husbands/boyfriends) to which they have advised me it tastes of nothing - sorry ladies that ain't for me, if I want to floss I will go to the bathroom cabinet for that!!
Another is a finger in the arse, this is also great especially in the doggy position - adds that little extra kick to the orgasm. However yet again as much as it is meant to be great for the man too to recieve this i'm afraid its not happening from me. If ever I have a chocolate finger it will have come out of a purple cadburys box & not from sticking up my mans arse!

So my point & how hip hop has the answer, well Ludacris has sung or rapped in a few of his tunes that men want "A lady in the street but a freak in the sheets" & this girls (& guys if your reading) is oh so true. You wouldn't look at David Camerons wife & think she sticks her finger up his arse on a regular but I bet she bloody does :)

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