Tuesday, 13 November 2012

You got mail

Well a second member of the CIA has been in the news for having an affair after last week some dude resigned for getting caught with his pants down. So called over 20,000 emails have been found in regards to the affair (I mean geeze how many times can you email someone asking for a fuck??!!).
Really what is the world coming too - whats wrong with men just having sex with their wives & whats with all these women wanted to fuck married men? I mean looking at this CIA bloke in the paper it is alleged that so far 2 women have come forward as to having an affair with him, one question - why? He looks like a plain & normal everyday old guy, not good looking & certainly nothing special (I'm thinking he may have a massive cock or be mega wealthy & it must be the latter as how would they know he had a big one without seeing it!!).

I will never understand why men can't just stick to being with their wives, I mean they married them for goodness sake - for better or worse right....If after a while it gets worse & appears not to get better then leave, there is a thing called a divorce, don't just go out & bang someone else. Men should realize that having your cake & eating it will eventually give you indigestion - i.e you WILL get caught.

Don't get me wrong women ain't all saints & innocent, in fact some women only go after married guys as they want the sex & gifts without the hassle (I personally call these type of women sluts). I don't get it there are so many good looking SINGLE guys yet they prey on some poor woman's husband who ends up thinking with his dick & giving in.

I could go on talking about this subject for literally hours however just wanted to prove a point that cheating men & sluts are everywhere; in charge of countries & peoples lives, hell you probably sit next to one on the bus everyday.

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