Sunday, 25 November 2012

My lawful bedded wife

Almost every girl has a dream of one day getting married, whether it’s the big fairy tale princess wedding or a minimal little gathering with friends on a beach; we all have our idea of the perfect day. If you ask anyone what married life is like they always say the same thing – nothing has changed. Yet dig a little deeper & you un-cover a hidden truth, it appears marriage equals the end of sex! Now I have been to a few weddings in my time & as far as I can remember this is not part of the vows, unless I have missed something? I always thought that marriage brings you that bit closer together as it’s a huge commitment between two people for life, assuming that meant between the sheets too.

I actually have an on-going joke with one of my mates that her sex life is like going to church (forgive me lord for using this comparison), I say this as her & her husband only have sex on a Sunday! It’s probably even marked in the diary like clockwork every week – Sunday = SEX. When we have our general girly chat & something has occurred & they are not getting on, I always joke “He ain’t getting his Sunday service then”. However if it’s his birthday or he has done the chores (which I’m assuming happens as often as his birthday) he MIGHT get it twice that week!!
Which leaves me wondering in situations like this (& there are a few different ones I could mention) what happens if on that day one or the other doesn’t feel in the mood. Do you just go ahead & do it anyway to please your better half or make them wait? If you do that then what if they are not in the mood when you are? Or do you just say to hell with it & go solo with some manual handling?

I would like to think that when the day comes (& it bloody better) that I get married then not only would we commsumate the day with the biggest between the sheets bang ever but this would continue long into the marriage. Hell this is the only person you’re going to be getting intimate with so variety & spice is needed on a regular. Putting a ring on your finger does not have to mean that your pants are on lock down.

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