Monday, 12 November 2012

What a loada wank....

Why is it that men find the need to wank?? I mean you can understand it when they are younger as they are experimenting with the little fellow & what to know what he does (its a new toy - tug it & it spurts!!) but why do they find the need to carry this on into adult life?

I can kind of see my way around the thought process if they are single because lets be honest you have to take what you can get & if a night with Palm & her 5 sisters is all that's on offer then beggars can't be choosers (would you believe that phrase is actually in the Urban Dictionary with a description of A term used by males to refer to a night spent masturbating hahahahaha - you just couldn't make this stuff up).

However some men do it even when they are in a relationship. Again I can understand (slightly) if your other half is away for a few days or you don't see them much as men have pride too. Lets be honest who wants to shoot their load after just 3 minutes of fun or not even get that far & its all over from just a lick of the tip - embarrassing (& messy). So I can kinda see they wanna build the old stamina but men who see their partners everyday still do it....
Again if your not around when the urge takes them then they are just gonna bang on out - WHAT IS WRONG WITH WAITING?? You mean to tell me they can't hang on even a few more hours till your back.
I certainly don't buy all this bollox the celebs use of i'm a "sex addict" what a cop out. I'm surprised it hasn't been in the news yet that the NHS are funding people that are claiming to have this - maybe the good old general public haven't caught onto that one as yet.

Now I know women do this too (let's refer to it as flicking the bean because wanking doesn't sound right for women) but I like to think we have a lot more control over when we do this & can control our urges much more than men!! Don't even say to yourself you don't do it cause even if you don't on a regular you have at some point, EVERYONE explores whats in their pants.
Clearly its designed to be a solo sport never the less it can be shared, men find it a great turn on to watch a woman play with herself (if your not confident then I suggest a large glass or 3 of wine first). It all adds to keeping it spiced up between the sheets.

As I read this back I feel like I have almost answered my own initial question of why do men wank but don't be fooled as I haven't quite cracked this little puppy yet....

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