Sunday, 18 November 2012

What men want

When it comes to choosing someone to be with, whether that be just for sex, short term or long term relationships what exactly are men looking for? I feel that we as the opposite sex should try & understand so that we stand at least half a chance of getting anywhere or any sort of action.

When you ask a man to describe what sort of woman he likes you will get the typical answers - Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian, Pamela Anderson & if you ask my better half then the answer will be Carol Vorderman!!
Now lets me totally honest how many people do you actually know or have actually even seen in real life that look anything remotely like any of them??!! These are clearly fantasies that men have which if that is what they are seeking we as women have 2 hopes - Bob Hope & no hope!

Men are clearly only thinking with their small head when they give these answers; I mean do they truly believe that Angelina Jolie gives a good blow job just because she has big lips. Everyone knows that a blow job is a cock in the mouth & has very little to actually do with the lips (not saying her lips wouldn't look good round a cock). Pamela Anderson gives a good tit wank as she has big boobs - I would say this is incorrect (not that I have tried or know anyone that has of course) as her boobs are fake & look like 2 hard rocks & again everyone knows that a tit wank is about wrapping the boobs round the cock! (Therefore movement in the breast area is essential).
As for Carol Vorderman lets be honest men don't like her because she can do a few maths sums, they like her figures but its the 32, 30, 34 they are interested in & not 10,000+2.5%.....

Its different for us women, yes we have our fantasies too but we have to use our imagination most of the time. We don't get to see the goods on show as men do, so they really do have the upper hand. With a woman she can show off her figure as much as she has the confidence to - cleveage on show, legs on show (personally I would only ever do one or the other or you could be bordering on trashy, we need to leave a little something to their imagination). But men are always covered up, especially the crown jewels. The only place that you would get even a sniff of what he has to offer is if you go swimming or to the gym & he has some spandex pants on & lets be honest who goes there to pull?!

So all in all what men really want doesn't actually exist in the real world but they can live in hope of one day meeting a woman who ticks (& licks) ALL the right boxes :)

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