Saturday, 1 December 2012

Cum on girls....

So I was having a girly wine night putting the world to rights with my friend (yes your right I said that in another post but I’m not an alcoholic – honest) when she shows me a photo on her phone of some fab Jimmy Choo’s. “These are what my mate has just got” she says, well me first though (after you bitch I want some) is how on earth did she afford those?! Turns out she let her boyfriend cum all over her face to get them – YES you read that right!!
Are you being serious was what came out of my mouth & was written all over my face. Apparently she asks her boyfriend what he wants to do to her & she says she will do it for something expensive, be it shoes, a bag, jewellery whatever she wants the most on her “wish” list.
You don’t do sexual favours to get gifts, surly that makes her a hooker right? I mean everyone has seen Pretty Woman & that is exactly what happens & how it works.

Just this & a pair of shoes = thank you 
I said doesn't this girl have a job to buy her own stuff? Apparently she does but she gets him to buy her all the stuff she can’t afford! Not sure about everyone else but my mum taught me that if you can’t afford it you can’t have it. Besides which what happened to romance….
Surly you should wait till your other half gets you a gift; be it birthday, xmas or just a gesture of love then show your appreciation by giving a thank you blow job. That way the gift means something as they bought it for you because they wanted to, it’s a surprise & they will be grateful for your appreciation. For example if its shoes, he will be in heaven when he sees you standing there in them with not much else on to say thanks.

I personally would never lower myself or sell myself out for a pair of shoes (even me, a true shoe lover with over 100 pairs). If my man wants to cum on my face then it’s something that will happen in the flows of passion & not planned out at the cost of an expensive item. So girls please don’t follow in the footsteps of others, have more dignity & do things because you want to please your partner & not for Jimmy (Choo) or Christian (Louboutin).

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