Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Three's a crowd

I watched Lorraine Kelly interview a man this morning on his job, I couldn’t tell you what his title was (missed that bit sorry) but his role was to observe couples having sex & then advise them how to do it better. My first thought at seeing this was who made you the author of the Kamasutra? Besides the fact that this guy wasn’t in the slightest bit attractive (well not to me anyway) he just looked like your normal, average Joe Bloggs off the street.
When going into depth about his job he said while a couple is having sex he will watch them & let them know at the point he see’s something that they are doing wrong or could do better. Imagine that – you are just at the point of orgasm when you here “Excuse me sir, you need to thrust your cock a bit harder & faster”. On the flip side either person in the couple can ask him questions at any point (that’s nice of him). When asked don’t people get the giggles the reply was no, because if they are at the stage when they are asking for his help then they need him there. Questioned a little further as to whether anything he had seen had shocked him, he said yes but that fact that he is improving people’s sex lives makes whatever he sees worth it.
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She never actually asked him if he had ever been turned on by what he saw or if he had been invited to join in. Goodness knows what would happen if you went to ask him a question to see he had a massive hard on – awkward….

If my fella said to me he thinks that we should PAY (no fees were disclosed surprise surprise) for someone to watch us have sex & give us his advice on how to improve it (not that we need it of course) my answer would start in F & end in off!
I mean what kind of people actually pay for this? If you think your sex life is going stale or your partner isn’t doing it for you whack on a porn film, buy the lovers guide to sex & get some tips or visit Ann Summers & buy some accessories to spice things up. If that don’t work then film it yourself, watch it back & get out the flip chart to dissect your sex life & have a good old fashion chat about it – don’t pay Joe Bloggs the accountant look-a-like to tell you something you could have worked out yourself. After all sex ain’t rocket science people :o)

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