Sunday, 30 December 2012

No strings attached....

While sitting having a festive beverage & finally putting my feet up after the mad rush that has been Christmas, I was watching some telly which gave me food for thought. Friends with benefits – conclusion = good film, bad idea that won’t work (well that’s my opinion anyway).

I mean as much as you both lay the rules on the table; it’s just sex, no strings or emotions, you have to inform the other person if you sleep with someone or meet someone else etc; let’s face it someone is ALWAYS gonna get hurt. As much as you tell yourself its only sex feelings have a nasty habit of creeping up on you when you least expect it & before you know it bam the big L O V E is involved!! Generally it’s the woman who falls for the guy & then is heart broken when the feelings are not mutual, he will give you the whole “we discussed this” speech which is great in theory but no one had the chat with your heart clearly….
From having known people who have been in this situation putting aside the heart ache the other down side is that it can wreck great friendships. One day you are telling one of your best friends your deepest darkest secret & sharing big fat belly laughs then the next there is awkwardness & silence – all because neither could be bothered to go out & meet someone or have another night of manual handling to satisfy an urge!

Obviously the film is a little predictable that they start off as two single friends who just want sex with no strings then fall in love (didn't see that coming, yea right). But when you watch it they could actually have some good selling points about this situation.
For example the first time they get passionate & start to get undressed ready for hot steamy sex, they actually tell each other what they dislike having done to them. She says to him that her nipples are very sensitive so are a no go zone, he prefers to go on top to help his male ego & so on. This way they can just get on with the job in hand, please each other then go home – jobs a good’en.
Now if this were a relationship this would be no good as exploring what the other person likes is half the fun but as they are just fuck buddies why not lay your cards on the table before laying on your back – after all your only there for one thing & idle chit chat or time wasting isn't one of them.

Having looked at the facts & weighed up the pro’s & con’s I’m sticking to my original theory that it is a bad idea. I mean come on with all the people in the world why would you make a deal like this with someone who is a friend. After all good friends are hard to find but good fucks can be ten a penny :o)

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