Sunday, 9 December 2012

Slap & tickle

This is no joke!!

While looking through the wonderful world that is Facebook the other day I stumble across a photo of some foot panties – I kid you not. Now before I continue I just want to add that I liked a page on shoes & they posted about these garments (if that’s what you can call them) just in case you were wondering what sort of freakish things I follow!
Now after initially saying “What the fuck are they?” I then realised the only use for these would be in the bedroom for someone who has a foot fetish. I mean they serve no purpose what so ever, in fact they don’t even look good….

Now fetishes are funny old things, some of which I will never understand. Like the whole foot thing, feet are ugly looking things & some (mainly men’s) stink. So quite why people want to put them in their mouth & suck on the toes is beyond me, how can that be a turn on? No one will ever go near my feet; otherwise they will end up kicked in the face due to the tickliness.
There are lots of other freaky things people are into, like men who pay women to do things like kick them in the balls or walk over their back in stiletto’s – how the hell you can say that is pleasure is mind boggling. What on earth possesses people to part with cold hard cash for this stuff & what sort of woman is it that gladly takes the money to fulfil these acts? Don’t get me wrong I have met some idiots in my time & would gladly kick them in the balls for free but what you would get out of doing it to a complete stranger is anyone’s guess. However could be easy money, if you have no conscience.

Then there is the good old golden shower, yep you guessed it, someone somewhere likes to be weed on. There is only one question for this – why?? Why oh why would you let someone urinate on you & how could someone find this a turn on?? (Ok so that was two) I mean who dreams up these things like this, maybe it all started by accident – a couple started getting sexy when one was bursting for the loo & didn’t make it in time….
Got to be better than Gaffa tape 
Loved the episode of Sex In The City where they covered this, Carrie was dating someone that was a politician who made hints & then one day just came right out & said “I want you to join me in the shower so I can piss on you”. Obviously she declined this generous offer which led to him dumping her, I think I would have told him to piss off!  

There are less painful & humiliating fetishes like being tied up or being spanked; hey most people like a little slap on the arse in the throws of passion. Obviously I don’t mean getting a cane & beating someone’s arse till its red raw (even though I am sure this goes on as well) but a gentle slap that leaves a light sting from your partner while he is talking dirty goes a long way.

The Bondage belt - every girl needs one :o)
You can get some great accessories to aid in your slap & tickle, from hand cuffs & whips right though to different coloured S&M tape. You can also get some great outfits for those nights that you want to take charge & show him who is boss. So have a click on the link to see my mate Ann (Summers of course) & see what tickles your fanny, I mean fancy :o)

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