Saturday, 5 January 2013

Romance, is it alive....

I am the first to admit that I have watched far too many Disney films & episodes of Sex & the City in my time (I have the box set with EVERY episode & both films) but as I was watching 4 back to back repeats today I did wonder; Romance is it still alive, did it ever exist or is it just a tool for men to get into our knickers – like a weapon of mass seduction??

When your dating someone new & he greets you with flowers is it a lovely gesture or is he setting you up for a big fall with just one thing on his mind. Now if after one date & a bunch of flowers you give him what he wants & go further than a peck on the cheek, then you my friend need to up your standards as well as your self respect. One rule of dating is ladies never give out on a first date, if you do then clearly love you ain’t no lady!
So what about if he brings flowers & chocolates what does this mean – blow job & sex? Or is it a (very) rare romantic gesture? Has it really come to this that we have to try & read into gifts to work out if they are genuine or if there is actually an ulterior motive….I mean the mind will boggle if after a few dates he gives you perfume what does that mean? Obviously if things go well & the relationship progresses he might one day present you with a gift of underwear. Now this clearly only has one meaning – get to the bedroom cause they will look better on the floor & you are gonna be busy for some time :o)

Now having observed married friends this suspicious nature does not stop after “I do”. If your husband comes home & presents you with flowers this is usually translated as “I’m sorry I have done something I shouldn't . Chocolates are few & far between & if they do land in front of you then bet your bottom dollar he will eat most of your favorite ones! Perfume turns into air freshener or scented candles & the sexy undies appear to be replaced by onesies (passion killer or what).
As for Christmas’ & birthdays don’t get too excited as gifts come in the shape of electrical appliances; whisks, irons or toasters. Hell you may even get a set of sauce pans & if you’re really lucky they will be Gordon Ramsey ones woooooo!!
So after extensive research romance appears to be well & truly dead. Shame really as I am an old romantic & still hold some hope that romance is alive & kicking, might be a modern day version but it’s gotta be out there……… hasn't it?

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