Saturday, 26 January 2013

The Rampant Rabbi....

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NOT Rabbi :o)
Well blow me down I cannot believe what I have just heard & watched - some dude featured on This Morning has 6 wives by which he has had 18 children, I kid you not. When I saw the headline I thought this guy is either stupid, greedy or both; so I thought I would watch the video & decide for my self.

The first thing I have to say I don't agree with is the fact that this guy (his name is Phillip so we will address him as so from now on) is a Rabbi, a religious man. Now I am not overly religious myself but even I know that it doesn't promote this sort of behaviour in the bible - I mean God made Adam & Eve, not Adam, Eve, Julie, Sandra, Marie & Brenda; if that were the case the Bible would be bordering on pornographic!!
Threesomes & Moresomes,
Phillip is on Sixsomes lol
Phillip claims that God actually spoke to him & told him that he had to live his life in this way (OMG is he for real I hear you ask) & that although sometimes it causes him great pain (that must be when he is choosing which one to sleep with each night!) that it is all worth it as he feels cleansed (that's just because your sack is constantly empty my love....).
I thought that 3 of the 6 wives that he took on the show with him looked miserable, which i'm glad that Amon mentioned. At which point they all started smiling saying they loved their life & that they were one big family. Even though recently a 7th wife left as she said that she got jealous & always felt lonely - Lonely??!! There were 8 of you in a relationship so its not like you had no-one there. I started to think that Phillip clearly had his cake & was definately eating it (especially if he has sex with more than one at a time) but then surely that means he has 6 wives that also nag him, so that would mean 6 times the head ache. Maybe that's what he meant when he said it causes him great pain, he has shares in Nurofen.

If ever I get married there is NO WAY I would share my man, in fact I don't even need a ring & a certificate for that i'm not sharing regardless. The true meaning of marriage has completely gone out the window in this situation, one of which I think is ludacris & un-healthy. But hey each to their own & if God really is Phillips best mate then good on him ;o)

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