Sunday, 6 January 2013

Here today affair tomorrow....

Glitzy body - was £30 now £10
I sat here flicking through the Sunday ritual that is reading the Sun newspaper; I come across a head line that catches my eye “Why you’re more likely to start an affair tomorrow”. As I read on I can’t help but think this is not news & who on earth comes up with this absolute load of crap? 
The article goes on to say that after extensive research (according to a dating website, says it all really….) it is proven that tomorrow, 7th January, is the day people are most likely to start an affair. How the hell do they come up with this tosh, there are 365 days in the year & when surveyed everyone said “Ooh I’m gonna be un-faithful on 7th January” get a grip. If someone is going to cheat do you think they care what day of the week it is, all they care about is what underwear they are wearing & are they gonna get lucky.

When speaking to my friend on the phone later in the evening she mentioned that she had also read the article & could see the logic. In her words – Christmas is a stressful time of year,  you have to spend 24 hours a day with your other half as there is no work. Therefore the spark could go out of a relationship, it is put to the test as your routine isn't there & you may get sick of your other half. Jeez what happened to Christmas being time to come together, be with loved ones & have quality time? I mean if all it takes is for someone to have a week off work with their family to have an affair then alarm bells should be ringing & you clearly shouldn't be with that person in the first place.

Apparently there are 5 tell-tale signs that you should look for;
Your sex life changes – well that could happen for a number of reasons: you have a baby, family stay over (no-one wants to be told to keep the noise down for banging the head board too hard, embarrassing), you are more tired due to all the organizing  hell you may even have got married as it appears saying “I do” ends your sex life!!
Changes in personal grooming – not the fact that not going to work means you have more time to make an effort….
Working late – Er hello leading up to the festive season most places are open late & everyone has deadlines to meet before the period of shut down….
Inexplicable anger – Everyone knows that most men can’t stand their mother-in-law & it’s inevitable that they will have to spend time together over the turkey; just cause he gets annoyed by this doesn't mean he is getting a blow job from someone else….
New name, new places – So because he mentions that he went to a hotel that means he went there to have sex, not because he just had his work Christmas party there….

This is bound to get his pulse racing
My advice is take no notice of these ridiculous articles written by someone who may have 5 years media studies qualifications but actually has no real life experience & is more than likely still single. You know your partner, you spend the most time with them, everyone is different & you will know the tell-tale signs if they are going out for a burger when they have steak at home. Besides don’t give him any excuse to look elsewhere in the first place, show him every day what he already has :o) 

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