Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Birthday Boobs

One of the 1st ever bra's
Would you believe that the bra is 100 years old today, an invention I think is an absolute god send & I for one could not live without (this goes alongside the invention of make up, which is also much needed). Just for the pure genius of the idea you can tell it was thought of by a women; Mary Phelps Jacob was clearly a wonderful woman with an air of class. She didn't want her thrupenny bits swinging round by her knees, she wanted those puppies up & out there saying "Come on lads look at these bad boys" & why not. After all don't they say if you got it flaunt it....
I don't personally see the fascination & think if you've seen one pair of boobs you have seen them all. Yes they may come in different shapes & sizes but at the end of the day a boob is a boob. Like when Kate Middleton was photographed topless on honeymoon with Wills, a magazine published a 16 page spread with 200 photos of her sun bathing - WHY?? once you have seen one photo her boobs don't look any different in the other 199 pictures do they, could have saved some trees & ink there!

Some men love boobs; they generally go for arse or boobs, unless they are greedy then they say both!! I did wonder what exactly the fascination was & after a little digging around & questioning I found the answer. Its not just how they look or even the way they feel its the reaction....When a woman has her nipples tweaked or sucked its the look of delight on her face, the little moan she lets out, its how excited she gets - Well I never knew men put so much thought into it :o)
It puzzles me how some men can undo bra's easily & others can't, hell some can even do it one handed! Do they have lessons or is it like you see on the telly where they are in their room & they put a bra on a teddy to practice? Bit of a passion killer when a man is there fumbling for ages with no joy - I mean if he can't even flick a clasp right how on earth is he gonna know how to flick the bean....??

Peek a boo :o)
A large percentage of women are actually walking round wearing the wrong size bra, how you can not tell I do not know. Especially when you see a female walking down the road & she looks like she actually has four boobs. Besides the fact that it must be cutting of the circulation, how could an extra set of boobs go un-noticed when you look in the mirror or see your reflection in a window - this is one of life's mystery's. Joking aside this can cause long term damage so all women should get checked regularly, especially if:-
*The strap round the back is higher than the front
*It digs in (at the sides or underneath)
*The straps leave an indent in your shoulder
*Your boob hangs out the bottom
*Your boob hangs over the top
Look at those bad boys!!

So ladies when you get dressed in the morning don't just worry about how you look on the outside cause what you are wearing underneath is just as important. Dress your boobs to impress :o)

****All bra's featured in the blog post can be purchased from my mate Ann (Summers of course) so why not bob on over & have a butchers at her delightful collection of boob wear****

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