Friday, 1 March 2013

Silky surprise....

I am not one of these people that swap jobs every 5 minutes as I personally think it looks bad on your cv, however there was a time I found myself between employment & needed to make an income - introducing the Phone Sex Operator. That's right, men paid to call me at all hours, day or night, to talk sex. This job has got to have been one of the biggest eye openers for me & whilst I always state the two things in life I know about are men & shoes, I managed to learn a LOT more.
For instance, one of the most popular topics of conversation was that the man would say he was wearing, or had been wearing women's clothing!! The first time I heard "Ooh I've done something really bad, i'm wearing women's lace panties & I have been to the pub in them" it took all my strength not to laugh out loud; I had to be professional :o) However this became a regular thing that men would say on a daily basis, to the point where I would roll my eyes & think (yawn) can't you think of anything original.

So what is the crack with STRAIGHT men wearing women's clothing? Why would they want to do it & why would it be a turn on for them? Do they pretend they are a lesbian? (Even though when they look down they still have meat & 2 veg - go figure). Does this then in turn make the woman a lesbian?
One reason apparently is that they like the feel of the material, not sure I buy that one. Go & get your lady friend all the silky garms you want & rub them up, don't go & squeeze into them yourself. I mean picture it - you walk in & find a 40 something year old guy with a beer belly bursting out of your fav red silk chemise & with the matching thong wedged up his hairy crack; how on earth would that be a turn on for the woman never mind comfy for the bloke??!!

Jordan married Alex Reid knowing full well that he had an alter ego named Roxanne & openly dressed as a women (like that didn't look odd; a cage fighter in fish nets & high heels - that alone would make you run in the opposite direction surely). Although I think she did it for attention I think she took on little more than she could chew with that one, hence a big fat DIVORCE after just 11 months. Maybe he got chatted up more when they went out which dented her own ego - who knows.
If I came home & saw my bloke wearing any of my garments, underwear or otherwise I don't think I would be able to contain the laughter never mind get all fruity & have hot loving. So ladies if ever you go snooping & find some sexy lingerie don't get too excited it might not be for you :o)

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