Monday, 18 March 2013

Get that cake & eat it

People cheat on their partner's all the time & make up some ludicrous excuse as to why they couldn't keep it in their pants or their legs closed. But imagine if you were handed an excuse on a plate, you didn't even have to think of it....Well this is what it appears Anthea Turner has done, in a news paper article it is reported that she has blamed herself for her husband going off with another woman. She said that it is because she took a job abroad & spent weeks away which is when the marriage hit the rocks. This guy must be rubbing his hands together, I have heard the saying having your cake & eating it but this takes the biscuit. Not only has she forgiven him & is giving him another chance but she has given him a get out of jail free card.
Leopard thong for her not him

Don't get me wrong I agree that people are all to quick to throw in the towel on marriages these days but I do believe he was married when he met Anthea & cheated on his previous wife; Yet another well known saying comes to mind to do with leopards & spots (& its nothing to do with a leopard print thong!). So on one side she has just shown him a green card that she is willing to accept this sort of behaviour & no doubt he will do it again. On the other hand there is a thing called Karma & if their relationship started with that sort of behaviour then i'm not sure what she expected.
Leopard mankini yum!
Some women think they can change men, maybe even tame them when it comes to them being faithful but at the end of the day once a cheat always a cheat & if its in their jeans (& i'm not talking Levi's) then you either except it or move on.

When discussing such topics with my other half he just says 'She obviously wasn't licking the balls!' which of course is a typical man response. Lets be honest if all it took for a man to be in a monogamous relationship was for him to have his balls licked then dam us women would be laughing. Alas men appear to want their balls licked & then some & still go out & cheat, which just seems a little greedy.
I believe if someone, man or woman, chooses to cheat in a relationship then they are not with the right person. If you truly love someone, are in love with them & believe they are the one then you wouldn't have time to look else where as you would be to busy pleasing the one you are with!!

So don't just settle, don't except excuses & don't lick the balls unless you know he is 'The One'.

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  1. Sometimes it just catches u unaware. Lust that is !!

  2. Temptation is everywhere, its what you do about it (or not) that counts :)

  3. Lol. Id let the temptation get the best of me.