Thursday, 7 March 2013

A woman scorned....

They say revenge is a dish best served cold, but should we sometimes serve it hot or is it best to not serve it at all....??
If you have the mis-fortune to discover your partner is cheating on you then it can be devastating, like your whole world has ended; then you go through a grieving process. You grieve for the death of a relationship, which leads to a process of emotions - first sadness, then anger, then relief & finally happiness again (ok so there maybe a few more sad bits in there at times). 
On receiving this information you may start to blame yourself, thinking what is wrong with you, did you do something wrong. You will no doubt tell him you can work through this & it will all be alright - the fact he has just announced he has been pleasuring & sleeping with someone else for some times goes right out the window. No amount of begging is going to get him to change his mind, if he has been doing it for a while then you & he are definitely over when he decides to come clean, all because HE can't do this anymore (whop dee do thanks for that love, sorry you have been having such a hard time - literally by the sounds of it).

Probably the next day when you have time to think about it, as that's all you will have done, you will start to get angry - only natural & too right I say! However its not always best to react to this anger, as some years later you may just live to regret it. YES it will feel great at the time, who wouldn't love to expose someone for the cheating, dirty dog they are & make them suffer as they have you but this is definitely a where thinking first comes into play.
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For instance there was a lady in Peru who actually chopped her boyfriends cock off & flushed it down the loo!! That seems seriously drastic, I mean they weren't even married so goodness knows what she would have done then, maybe the balls would have been for the chop too??     
On a slightly less eye watering revenge attempt you have Vicky Pyrce who after being married to Chris Huhne for 25 YEARS found out he had been having an affair - he decided to tell her during half time of a World Cup footy match (least he didn't interrupt the football but could of waited till the match had ended!). She served her pay back by declaring that she had taken his speeding tickets & points to save his career, after all he was a cabinet minister & everyone knows that they are all innocent angels....(cough,cough). To be fair after being married for that long I think he got away lightly really, he should count his lucky stars he wasn't married to the Peru lady.

I think as painful & sometimes as humiliating as it is you need to rise above it & be the better person; keep your dignity, just like Princess Diana. It is said that Prince Charles was having an affair with Camilla for 20 years behind Diana's back. Now before I tell you how she took her revenge I have to ask one question; why? Diana was a beautiful woman who was always portrayed very well in the public eye, loved by everyone & did I say she was stunning - have you seen Camilla?? Face like an old prune, appears to have no personality or dress sense. Clearly looks didn't even come into it when he made that choice (either that or he puts a paper bag on her head when they get into bed).
Anyway her revenge, it was the best one of the lot, do you know what she did; she got her best, tight fitting, cleavage showing dress on, got all dolled up (complete with diamonds - probably bought with his money) & she went to a party. No you may think is that it but her pay back was so subtle, all she done was put 2 fingers up to him & send a message saying "Fuck you, I don't need you". And you know what she really didn't need him.  

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So if ever you find yourself in this un-fortunate situation stop & think how you will look if you decide to take any form of revenge, don't just run for the carving knife. But whether you serve it hot or cold make sure you serve a double helping - one for him & her :o)

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