Monday, 4 March 2013

Wag or slag....??

Since Girls Aloud split I have always been a Cheryl Cole fan; got the cd's, watched the interviews, read the paper's & now the book (which is fab). So imagine my disgust when I open The Sun newspaper on Sunday to find a two page spread on some tramp boasting that she had sex with Cheryl's ex husband all over their marital home!
Does she think this will make her famous? Does she not realise (or even read the paper) that she is just one in a long line of cheap fucks Ashley has had over the years? Another thing, does this girl have no morals - what will her parents think when they read it, bet they will be really proud!! I mean she is 22 years old, a mere child - clearly very naive &/or looking to make a quick few bucks. She gloats how they had sex all over the house, which the paper then goes on to describe as "they made love". Now I don't know what fairy tales she use to read but that ain't no love....

I have no idea why young girls aspire to be 'WAGS', most are all fake - boobs, hair, nails, tan, arse; who knows the possibilities are endless. Young girls seem to look at this as a career, waiting hours outside trendy clubs & bars to be allowed in or even just to get a glimpse of these men in the hope that they might get noticed. If you opened a dictionary & looked up the meaning of 'WAG' there would be a picture of barbie (the original plastic fantastic blonde) with a description of footballers wife & girlfriend. However most have a tendency to look the same, like they have been cloned.
Don't get me wrong there are a few who have slipped through the net - Cheryl of course is one, Victoria Beckham & Colleen Rooney. These three are all successful business women in their own right & have not become famous off of the back of their husbands fame.

These are love balls not footballs :o)
After reading the paper for a number of years now these girls should learn that they are just gonna be another find em, fuck em, forget em to these men & they should have more self respect for themselves. There have been a number of stories over the years about footballers 'roasting' girls (I must be getting old as I thought that was a dinner you ate on a Sunday??), cheating on their wives multiple times & sleeping with prostitutes; which puzzles me even more as to why girls want to be a part of that on purpose.
It probably appears all glamorous to start with but leopards never change their spots & if these young whipper snappers think they are going to be the one that tames these men then they are on another planet.

So to all wanna be 'WAGS' out there - up your standards, get some morals & self respect, get a job (a proper one) & keep it real. If one day you meet a footballer who turns out to be your soul mate then that's great but don't carry on making yourself look desperate, begging for it.
Learn from these girls in the paper - today's news, tomorrow's greasy chip paper :o)

****All outfits featured in today's post are from my mate Ann (Summers of course). Why not pop on over & see her, you might find a treat so you can have your very own football match between the sheets****

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