Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Live & let lie....

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As I was pottering around the house the other day with This Morning as light back ground noise I couldn't help but over hear the topic being discussed in 'The Hub'. According to a survey, apparently 48% or so of men take off their wedding rings when they go to parties or out with mates - even their work office party!!
With raised eye brows all sorts of things went round in my grey matter; Like the obvious question why get married in the first place? But also when they take it off when going to their office parties, whats the point in that, everyone you work with already knows you are married. In fact some of them may have even attend the big day & met your wife. However if something were to go on between work college's whether you have one more piece of jewellery on isn't really going to make any difference.

The main point I realised when mulling this over is the different approaches men & women have to this subject. For example men appear to be very sneaky & would go so far as to tell whopping lies to get a shag; Like removing their wedding rings, out rightly saying they are single even if they have a wife & 2.4 kids at home & even fabricating a completely lavish life style. 
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I for one have been a victim of this, a couple of times in fact but hey we don't have time to list them all. On a night out during my singleton days I bumped into an attractive man who blatantly said he was (not so) young, free & single. My response was as follows "Its very rare for good looking men to be single. They either have a wife at home or a girl friend in every town". After a little more digging I found out that although separated he was in fact married & even still had the ring on (biggest give away).           
Issue with that is men take away a woman's choice, if she has given you her time to stand & chat then she must be interested but honesty is always the best policy. If men just admit their situation from the word go then it is her choice if she chooses to continue getting to know you (depending on your circumstances & her conscience) or if she walks away. However if you don't tell the truth at some point you will be outed & one lie leads to another & so on, when if she knew from the start chances are she may have carried on anyway. 
Women on the other hand seem more upfront & will say out right; Yes I am married or with another but still want to get to know you if your up for it. Hence why females have the bigger balls :o)

Whilst I don't condone cheating & strongly believe that if you are thinking of it then clearly you shouldn't be with the one your with therefore should leave them first, my opinion is this; 
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If you are with someone & want addition sex, attention or any sort of relations with someone else then your wife is your problem. You are the one attached not me so if you are found out do not bring it to my door, its for you to deal with & take the wrap. It is very frustrating that if a woman finds out her man has been fucking around it is ALWAYS the other woman's fault - why?? She is single & probably never even knew the wife existed so how come she has to harbor the blame....

I like to think I do everything in my power so my man doesn't want to & wouldn't cheat, then if he does decide to taste the forbidden fruits one day I could hold my head high & say it was nothing I had done.

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So ladies, note to self - if you ever catch your man with his hands in someone else's pants hear her out first, don't just go for the throat. Chances are she will be as heart broken as you with all the empty promises she would have been fed & never even knew anything about you. So if that is the case try joining forces to show him what your made of, never know you may even end up with a new BFF :o)

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