Sunday, 24 February 2013

Whats your worth

We have all heard of, if not seen, the film Indecent Proposal where a billionaire offers a bloke £1million to spend one night with his wife (clearly with one thing on his mind) but I wonder if anyone would actually have big enough balls to do this in real life?
I mean if you were on a night out & some random offered your man money to spend a night with you then I suppose its a compliment; I mean he could have probably gotten away with paying a hooker £20 for a blow job - cheap at half the price. But is it a compliment or an insult? Is he implying that you look like a high class hooker who would do anything for money OR is he thinking you are the most beautiful woman he has ever seen & knows you would never go near him with a barge pole.

So many questions....For instance if you & your partner both agree to it, is this classed as cheating? I mean if you are all consenting adults how can it be. But even if your man does agree & it goes ahead then I bet he will be left with doubts about you & the relationship, which in the end would lead to a split. If you are prepared to put aside your relationship as well as your panties at the flash of some cash what else are you prepared to do? Also if you do it once will it have a lasting effect on you - giving you a taste for hard, fast cash (literally hard & fast with some men).
Would your other half be classed as a pimp, technically he is loaning you out for money & according to the Urban Dictionary their description is; a man who brokers the sexual favours of women for a profit! However technically if you do spend the night with someone for money but nothing sexual happens are you still classed as a prostitute? According to that same dictionary the definition is; One who will perform sexual acts if payment is arranged. So no sex no hoe....hummm still debatable if you ask me.

They have even featured this as a story line in The Simpsons of all things; Marge is offered to spend the weekend with a guy she use to go to school with who has always fancied her. He offers her £1million which is initially declined however Marge accepts as because Homer needs an operation & they can see no other way of raising the funds. They did however have a clause where there were to be no rudeness or sexy business (amen to that rule) so when the guy made a move on the first night Marge was out of there quicker than she could say 'eat my shorts' (clearly he was hoping to eat more than that!!).

No matter how hard up I was there is no way that I would jepodise my relationship with my man, I would rather live on the bread line being happy & content rather than sell myself out for a few bucks to pay off a few bills, buy a new car or maybe even a new house. Money doesn't buy happiness, especially if you have loads of it but are on your own because you obtained it by banging an OAP for a night then your man left you....

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