Wednesday, 24 April 2013

If you go down to the woods today....

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They say you learn something new everyday, how true that is. I saw an advert a couple of weeks back for a program called "Dogging Tales" on channel 4 (nothing to do with Crufts), on the way to work I mentioned it to my mate. I said I was going to watch it for research purposes to see what all the fuss was about & to be in a position to write a blog post for my beloved fans of course. As far as I was aware you drove to a sight, had sex in your car & if people wanted to they could pull up in their car & watch  they could or have sex themselves (from the comfort of their own motor). To which she replied 'If you go to these places & keep your light on that means your available for people to come & have sex with you'. Er what, that's news to me I thought, not to mention how on earth did she know about this? Upon questioning (after the laughing stopped) she had no idea how she had stumbled across this information but that was the start of my fact finding on the subject.

The first I ever heard of this activity was when footballer Stan Collymore was in the paper for being caught & exposed as a Dogger. Apparently there is a big sight where this takes place in the West Midlands, near where he lives. According to the news he went around 15 times after reading about it on the internet - who the hell goes out & has sex with strangers in public cause they read something about it on their computer, especially when they have a wife at home!! He was outed by two Sun reporters after texting them asking inviting them to join him for "some fun".
Indulge me set
How embarrassing for his poor wife; all he could say was 'I hope she finds it in her heart to forgive me', I bet you do love. Whats wrong with staying home & making love to your wife, the lady you stood in church with & said your vows too - i'm sure it reads to have & to hold not to go dogging in the cold!

Everyone featured in this program wore animal masks (only covering their eyes & not changing
their voices so you may see them down the local or even know them) which made me think was it all a joke or was this actually a serious documentary. When asked why he did went dogging one of the first guys interviewed claimed he was looking for the furry triangle - if that's anything like the Bermuda triangle you will be looking for some time! He was a truck driver with no family, wife or girlfriend & just literally wanted no strings attached sex, which quite frankly I'm sure he could of got anywhere not just from one of these places. Still sat in the drivers seat of his truck, hand on his crouch with a fox mask on I couldn't take him serious....
The documentary went on to follow a married couple who visit these sights all the time. This guy allows his wife to have sex with as many men as she wants & we even saw them stood around watching forming an orderly queue as if they were waiting in line at Tesco! While her husband watches she literally has sex with heaps of men one after the other. When I said out loud in disgust 'That is just nasty she doesn't even wash between men, she can't as they are in the woods' my other half casually said 'Yep that guy is stirring another mans gravy' YUK!! The man behind the camera asked why they did it; she said she had self esteem issues & it made her feel better while the husband said it makes her happy so he is all for it. They were asked aren't they worried if someone does something they don't like but the husband assured us that there are rules which he sets out to the queue of men first - they are his rules!!
The ultimate O pink :o)

These women are the lowest of the low, I mean at least a prostitute gets paid for her services, these girls are just giving themselves away. They clearly have no respect for their bodies, not to mention the safety aspect of it; How do they know that one of these men is not a complete psycho or a serial killer & isn't just gonna flip out or pull a weapon out (other than their cock). There appears to be no thought given to protection, apart from the guy filmed taking his condom off & throwing it on the floor.
I Googled Dogging after watching the program (out of curiosity) only to find site after site filled with maps, lists of places to meet & even times. It is surprising just how many are on your own door step - woodland area's, parks & even picnic area's. Who wants to take their family out on a lovely sunny day & put their sandwiches down where someone has had their arse cheeks the night before - disgusting! Why do they need to tarnish the few places we have that we can take our family, our children with this filth??

Rock 'N' Roll :o)
After all this digging around I don't agree with it & certainly don't understand it, watch some porn if
you want to see someone else having sex (its not rocket science & your less likely to get in hot water if you are caught) don't go sliding your bum cheeks where people go to tuck into their sarnys!        

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