Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Oh yes let's fake it

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Even if you haven't watched the film everyone has at least seen the clip from When Harry Met Sally, you know the one, where Meg Ryan slaps the table in the diner having an orgasm - or at least
that's what we are led to believe. In a recent survey it has been revealed that 74% of women say that they too fake having an orgasm during sex. Surly it takes more effort to fake it then to actually lay back, think of England (if that's what floats your boat) & let the real juices flow?

When you meet someone there must be an attraction of some description, otherwise you wouldn't be interested in the first place. Whether its an instant sexual attraction or whether the attraction grows from personality, in time they have something you like for you to get into bed with them. If when you take the plunge & slide between the sheets you are left disappointed then you would have to be pretty heartless to just throw the towel in there & then. I'm all for "try before you buy" however if you like it but it doesn't quite fit then you see if there is a way to squeeze into it first before you discard it. 
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If someone doesn't press the right buttons or do things the way you like them to be done then teach them, don't toss them. Everyone is different & what works for one isn't necessarily what the next
person likes. If you like to be touched, licked, stroked, fucked etc in a certain way then don't be afraid to say - experimenting is a great way to find out what the other person likes but don't be shy.
If he is attempting to flick the bean but is going at it like an eraser the end of a pencil rubbing out a mistake speak up; say 'ease the pressure there babe' or 'can you slow it down a bit'. If you just lay there like a limp biscuit how will he know he is getting it wrong....The same applies for a man, if she is tugging at your cock like she is going to tug it off then tell her! Its easier for a woman to know she is getting it wrong as a man won't go hard if he isn't enjoying it, where as there are no physical signs a woman isn't having a good time - men rely on the moans (unless she is so turned off its as dry as the Sahara between her legs!).  

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There are different ways of "faking it"; I have a friend who lives by the 1% rule. When I quizzed her some more she revealed that she allows herself to keep 1% of the truth & not tell her husband. To explain further (in her own words) - 'He knows I fancy David Beckham but he doesn't need to know that I think about him when we have sex'. So although she gets her big O its not entirely down to the person she is with, its assisted by the art of imagination.

It isn't only women who are guilty of this, 44% of men have also admitted to faking it, although
how they do this is a bit of a mystery. How can you not know....?? It is physically obvious if a man is enjoying himself as he will have an erection & that is not an easy thing to hide (sometimes embarrassing if it pops up in public). Also when a man reaches orgasm he ejaculates, which if done without warning can be messy! How a woman would miss it if she had a pearl necklace I will never know. Now you could say what if the man is wearing a condom then how would you know & unless you go sifting through the bin you may not but even without actually seeing it you would know. The little twitches everyone gets when they finally pop it & reach the end of their goal - you can't fake those.
There is something that can happen to men called 'Retograde ejaculation', which means that instead of ejaculating the mans sperm actually gets redirected back up inside into the bladder. So he could have had the best orgasm of his life yet no seamen will have been released (not sure what happens to it after its redirected but tissues are not needed).
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Don't be afraid to experiment yourself if your not sure how you like it, there are sooooo many toys out there in all different shapes & sizes. Have a play date & use them with your partner, get them to use them on you - could be fun. To help Ann Summers are offering 15% off when you spend £30 on sex toys till 6th May. All you need to do is use the code PLEASURE at the check out - SO what you waiting for, whether its a Rabbit or a Bullet go get yourself a new toy :o)

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