Thursday, 11 April 2013

M&M's - melt in the mouth, not in the hand....

Boost padded multiway from
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From as far back as I can remember everyone loves M&M's, however if what I read in the paper is true then this is not the case; after all if it's in the Sun newspaper then it MUST be true, right?
With everything that is going on in the world that is actual & factual news, the sun has taken the time to write a full article on some bird who has (supposedly) got 40MMM size boobs suffocating her man, oh no sorry her ex man....

Now before you start harping on that I am jealous, I'm not, I have more than enough to contend with carrying 34K's around & it most definitely has nothing to do with her looks (sorry love but I had to say it).
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I would make a great detective, believe it or not & this article is full of flaws. For example she states she suffocated her ex boyfriend during sex three years ago, yet in the next paragraph it says she is a mother of three children - the youngest being three. Now you don't have to be great at maths to work out that she would either have to had to have been nine months pregnant or have just given birth - to another mans child! (Her ex before him, who is her husband & father of all three kids, confused much - keep up). There are a lots of things going on in your mind when you are about to have a baby or just become a mother & smothering your boobs in someones face to the point they can't breath certainly isn't one of them.
So to summarize; she separated from her husband for a while (length not disclosed), got with
someone else who she had freaky sex with while she was pregnant or just given birth to the husbands baby & now her & the husband are back together after she nearly killed the other guy. After all of this her husband is more than happy to have this plastered all over one of the biggest tabloids, as well as having their children posing in a photo with them - I can hear one thing loud & clear; pound signs flashing in their eyes. Her poor children, this will haunt them.... 

£18 or part of 2 for £25 deal
from Ann Summers
Then you have the part where she brags that she has done photo shoots & been paid £150 a pop for these, only to go on & moan about the price of bra's & that she has to get them made. As you read on it says they cost her £200 each - well if you get paid £150 a shoot then you have 2 cups & one strap paid for right there.
If that weren't enough she talks about when she was younger & how hard it was to have massive breasts while being a dress size 6; what on earth happened there, unless she meant shoe size 6?? If they caused that much inconvenience or discomfort you would get a boob reduction right - wrong, she can't have one as she needs to lose eight stone!! All the reasons (I call them excuses) she gives are later quashed by a doctor at the end of the article, which also leads me to roll my eyes & just think she done it all for a pay cheque.

Leopard plus size bra from
Pabo - £11.48 bargain
Now this is not me being mean, its me being honest about someone who doesn't appear to have a job & is cashing in on something that is nothing more than a part of everyday life for some of us (The average breast size in the UK is now 34DD & lets face it, they are no fried eggs). Having big boobs certainly isn't breaking news & should be kept where it belongs, featured on page three.
If anything then the chocolate company that make M&M sweets should contact her to appoint her their ambassador - after all their famous slogan is "They melt in your mouth, not in your hand".

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