Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Sex addict - bollox!!

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Where possible before writing I always like to get as many facts as I can first, unless I am writing about a personal experience of course; whilst I agree that most of what is read in the papers isn't always true they are a good source of information.

Just recently there has been a story in the paper that Michael Douglas has reportedly blamed the cause of his cancer on oral sex - now when I first saw this story line my first thought was 'Get in, the old guy still eats out', however I then quickly changed it to 'Poor Catherine'. I mean imagine opening the news paper to read that your husband has blamed his cancer on the fact that he has oral sex; I for one would be sooooo embarrassed!! After reading this (granted at that time I had only read the head line) I thought straight away I must write about it, however luckily for me I didn't quite get round to it, as the very next day it was all change "Michael Douglas DID NOT say that oral sex caused his cancer". No smoke without fire comes to mind (cough,cough).

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How inconsiderate, I didn't even get a chance to feature this in my blog before the story had already changed (huff, sigh). But there are a few points that we can consider in this (or should I say these) story(s) - whilst I was concerned about Catherine's feelings, although it turns out he wasn't referring to when he pleasures his wife it turns out he use to be a sex addict....!! Not sure which is
worse, she must be mortified to have that all dragged out in the public eye The fact that IF indeed Douglas did get the cancer from eating out it wasn't while he was with her but one of a string of women he had to satisfy his need/addiction. I mean come on a sex addiction, what a load of shit!! That is clearly the biggest excuse I have ever heard for someone to have sex with as many people as they like & think they can get away with it.

Tiger Woods is another one who was outted as having a string of women behind his wife's back - if you have a sex addiction go home & fuck your wife don't think this is a green light for you to fuck everyone but!! If his wife had done that she would have been branded a slut & he would have divorced her quicker than you can say "sex" & left her high & dry....
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These clinic's must be literally laughing all the way to the bank when they have people, never mind so called celebrities checking into their establishment claiming to have a sex addiction - I mean what do you prescribe for that, the mind boggles. I think I will  open one of these clinics, charge a ridiculous amount to patients that are admitted & then treat them to getting slapped round the face with a wet fish & told to get a grip before sending them on their way :o)

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